Activists demand reinstatement of dismissed judges

By Sasuk Taban

A civil society activist appealed to the President to reinstate the judges dismissed in July for allegedly spearheading the judges’ strike.

In July, President Salva Kiir sacked 12 of the striking judges, including the then Chairperson of the Justices and Judges Committee. However, a new committee was constituted and Justice Bol Lul Wang was elected the Chairman.

On Monday, the judges resorted to resume their work without any condition after close to four months of strike.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Guot Manyang, the Chairperson of Greater Upper Nile Concerned Youths for Peace and Stability (GUNCY-PAS) called on President Kiir to reinstate the judges dismissed, and resolve the judges’ demands.

He said judges’ resumption of work indicates that administration of justice will still be implemented.

Manyang said there have been a lot of delays of justice in the court when the judges were striking and many cases were filled in the absence of the judges.

He called on the judges to speed up trial of cases and rescue people seeking justice to avoid delaying justice.

In May, judges across the country laid down their tools demanding for the resignation of the Chief Justice, Chan Reech Madut, accusing him of mismanaging the judiciary. They also demanded for increase of their salaries, and improvement of general working conditions.

Justice Bol Lul Wang, the Chairperson of the Justices and Judges Committee last week said the General Assembly of the justices and judges decided to call off the strike unconditionally to save the citizens from suffering.

“I wonder whether the judges have voluntarily resumed work and whether their demands have been resolved. If they are resuming work voluntarily, how will they manage to continue with services?” Manyang questioned.

He added that the Chief Justice, Chan Reech Madut has shown courage and further urged him to work in collaboration with the judges and the Judicial Service Commission, but not alone.

Presidential Press Secretary, Ateny Wek Ateny said the dismissed judges have not been reinstated.

“It is the prerogative of the president to reinstate the dismissed judges and not any other person. If the president intends to reinstate them, then we will have to wait and see,” Ateny said.

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