Activist urges armed youth to stop violence

By Opio Jackson

Civil society activist has urged armed youth from Jonglei State and Pibor Administrative Area to stop violence and allow government to address their issues.

Edmund Yakani, Executive Director Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) has condemned the trend where armed youth take up arms to kill themselves over political issues.

“The disturbing news now is that we have seen thousands of youth from Jonglei passing via Central Equatoria State to Lafon area of Eastern Equatoria with an intention of waging attack on Murle,” he said.

He called on the armed youth to return to their respective communities so as to allow the government under the committee of the Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga to resolve their problems.

“They told Dr. Igga in Bor during the consultation that they would not attack each other then why are we now seeing armed youth from Bor and Pibor in Lafon,” he asked.

“Why should they cheat on Dr. Igga in front of him and now a different action is taking place. We would like to urge them to cease the conflict and put their arms down,” Yakani added.

On Wednesday, a fresh inter-communal fight broke out between the youth of Mundari and Bari over the ownership of Mangalla.  Mongalla lies about 75 km (47 miles) by road northeast of Juba on the road to Bor.

Yakani said the Mundari armed youth stormed Mangalla defunct County and destroyed the whole area, “They were able to paralyze the police administration from functioning and they killed one youth from Bari and injured one.”

According to the activist, the issue of Mangalla ownership between the Mundari and Bari was politically motivated by some political elites.

“This is the strategy of campaigning for powers within the new structure of Central Equatoria State by some politicians. These youth have no market to buy arms but there is somebody somewhere who has access to arms and ammunitions fueling the conflict,” he said.

Yakani said some politicians either from the Mundari or Bari were behind the ongoing tensions over Mangalla.

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