Activist urged governors to swear-in state MPs

By Atimaku Joan

The renowned activist, Edmund Yakani has urged all the state governors to swear-in state member of Parliaments before the transition period end.

In a document seen by Juba Monitor yesterday, Mr. Yakani who is the Executive Director of CEPO said that the tactics of delaying the functionality of the state legislature was a total violation of the R-ARCSS and therefore the other states should learn from the Governor of Lake State.

 “Mainly actions like of the OPP and sometimes SSOA in dragging feet for finalizing nomination of candidates is unacceptable and it amounted to a violation of R-ARCSS. Community Empowerment for Progress Organization appreciates and congratulates the Governor of lakes state for breaking the silence by inaugurating the State Transitional Legislative Assembly without the presence of the opposition. This should be an example for other states governors to do the same,” said Yakani.

He added that too much dragging of feet by some of the opposition parties in the nomination of their candidates for appointment to the political seat is a premature politics which is not healthy for the situation in South Sudan, where the society needs an urgent and genuine political transitioning from violence to peace hence a clear demonstration of personal interested centered decision and absence of institutional influence.

CEPO urged all the parties not to violate the enforcement of 35% for women, the inclusion of youth and persons with disabilities to those responsibilities in the transitional legislative assembly when nominating their members to be appointed as chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of the state transitional legislative assembly and local government legislative councils outstanding committees.

 CEPO has also called on the presidency to inform the society on their strategy on how to transition the society from violence to peace on 22nd February 2022since the lifespan of the peace agreement (R-ARCSS) is ending on 22nd February, 2023.

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