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Activist released after two months’ detention in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

An activist working for Yamora, a local non-governmental organization has officially released from detention after two months in detention in connection to the ‘People’s Coalition for Civil Action’ that previously planned to organize civil disobedience on the 30thof August this year.

Two months ago, Activist Victor Justus on Yuasa was detained by security apparatus together with Bishop Jackson Yemba of Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Speaking to media yesterday, Yei County Commissioner Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa said the security committee accepted the apology presented by activist Justuson.

“Victor was detained for mobilizing the citizens of Yei to support the protest by the people’s coalition for civil action planned to take place on the 30th of August 2021. Today after clearance of the case of victor Justuson Yuasa and Robert Guya from the detention from the counter intelligence, they have been presented to my office to clarify the reasons for their detention for all these time from the 24th of the presence of the security committee, we have resolved to accept the apology presented to my office by Justuson victor being inflicted for case of mobilizing the people of Yei to support the people’s coalition for civil action planned protest in August 30th,”Aggrey.

He added that the committee resolved to pardon the activist and his group and suspended their case in the police they involved in similar crimes. The step taken by the government was to prevent danger from happening to the citizens.

“We have resolved to pardon them and their case in police shall be suspended unless or either if they get involved in further activities like that of the people coalition for civil action. The actions taken against them are of a security nature and should not subject anybody, but they are normal security operations to prevent any harm of people or any movement against the government and people of South Sudan,” clarified Cyrus.

He revealed that Victor accepted by having conversation with the chairman of the South Sudan civil society forum and member of the people’s coalition for civil action Rajab Mohandis.

Meanwhile, Justuson Victor Yuasa apologized for communicating with Rajab Mohandis and denied allegations that their conversation was not on the planned demonstration organized by the people coalition for civil action.

“on Tuesday I address my letter of apology to the office of the commissioner of Yei River county. I accepted by having conversation with Rajab Mohandis who is the chairman of south Sudan civil society forum and current member of people’s coalition for civil action. I would like to apologize for communicating with him and I want to confirm that our conversation was not focused on the original goal of the coalition for civil action,” Yuasa.

He added that his organization was not a part of the organized protests by the People’s Coalition for Civil Action

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