Activist dissatisfied over slow implementation of peace Agreement

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Program Officer,  Centre for  Inclusive Governance, Peace and Transitional Justice Gender Mainstreaming in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State, has expressed his dissatisfaction in the slow implementation of Revitalized peace agreement, especially Chapter five.

 Simon Khamis Mabe calls for a speedy implementation of the Commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing in the deal.

He further expresses discontent on the implementation of the articles in Chapter Five.

“I believe that people’s social fabrics are destroyed and calls for true reconciliation to unite the citizens. Because of the situation we are in, we find ourselves having destroyed each other in one way or the other. Our social fabrics are all destroyed and we need to definitely be reconciled. So we need a reconciliation commission that is good but up to today we have not yet seen it taking place and you are now putting certain system, when are you going to reconcile,”

He added that perpetuators of crimes are put to account for what they did according to the transitional justice. With justice, you must ensure that a person who has done wrong must accept and confess that I have done something wrong.

“Therefore this chapter five is still hanging in balance, it has not addressed justice. How many people have been killed, you need to address why they have been killed even if after one hundred years, this issue will still come.

He revealed that Chapter five of the South Sudan revitalized peace agreement talks about transitional justice, accountability, reconciliation and healing as well talks about the hybrid court for South Sudan ,an independent hybrid judicial body and the compensation and Reparation authority.

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