Cover Story

Activist decries neglect of youth

By John Agok

The youth led organization Okay Africa Foundation appeals to signatories to R-ARCSS to expedite the establishment of state government and reconstituting of National Parliament to restore peace and stability.

Activists stressed that they could not have the country government without legitimate parliament and who can hold other institutions accountable. We don’t need to use parliament as a tool to bargain political tactics to maneuver power.

The country needs a legitimate parliament to hold parties accountable in implementing R- ARCSS and bring harmony in all institutions.

Speaking to press conference on Wednesday Wani Michael the Executive Director of Okay Africa Foundation warns parties about the agreement to form complete functioning government or else citizens will have no option than forming government for themselves because the parties have failed their obligations as the government.

He decried the National Dialogue outcomes that recommended that the youth are to be represented on managerial positions only and not all levels of government institutions.

“It was a slap to the young people’s face when the National Dialogue Conference resolutions which limited youth political participations and it rubbished their hope. Unfortunately, recommendations on this will not work.” Wani said.

He however appealed to National Communication Authority (NCA) to reverse their decision on increasing the tariffs to customers. NCA has to do something in having comparative analysis prior making a decision on increasing the tariffs.

“They really need to do an analysis and study on operating mobile Network companies in the country,” he concluded.

The activist blamed the government for lacking priorities to provide to citizens and failure to relieve the burden from the destitute people of South Sudan. He also called for the transparency and accountability in all government institutions.

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