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Activist concern over silence of authorities in Tonj

By Atimaku Joan

The executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Edmund Yakani expressed concern about the silence of the Central government authorities on the situation of deadly violence among the communities of Tonj north and Tonj East Counties of Warrap state.

Recently, there were on-going deadly sectional fighting between North Tonj and Tonj East communities which resulted to loss of lives on 30th October 2021.

Similar incidences were registered in the past months, however the situation is calm among the communities but incident of rampant gun shooting was happening.

In a press statement avail to Juba Monitor yesterday,  Edmund Yakani urged the central government authorities to urgently intervene on the deadly violence observed in the past months among the communities as they deserve some response from the government.

“Tonj North and Tonj East communities deserve the same style of responses to Tombura deadly violent situation from the central Government and UN family including civil society and media. But central government authorities are totally silent, it is only UNMISS as peace partner attempting to prevent the deadly communal violence,” said Yakani.

He stated that the state government of Warrap is required to be friendly to all attempts aiming at preventing the on-going communal violence between the two communities adding that practiceof threatening and expelling voices that attempt to amplify call for response to situation between communities is unacceptable.

CEPO condemned the recent act of state Governor kicking out Miriya FM radio journalists and termed it to be bad and unaccepted.

They called on the Governor of Warrap state to revoke his order of expelling out the Miriya FM JournalistManyang Mayom from the state.

Finally, CEPO urged central government authorities to offer solutions to violent situation going on between the communities of Tonj north and Tonj East calling it a constitutional obligation for the government to intervene to any violent situation in the state level.

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