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Activist calls on State gov, t to consider civil servants

By Jacob Bol  Mayar

The Human Right and civil society activist based in Bor called on the government of Jonglei State to pay the civil servants their salaries with 100% increment and all the allowances included before the situation escalated.

Bol Deng Bol, Executive Director of INTERPID said that what the government should do is to pay the all salaries to the civil servants including the allowances which are needed by the civil servants because it’s their right as the civil servants and there is no way that the government should take salaries of civil servant as the government revenue and the state government have not right to reduced the salaries of the civil servants.

“I don’t agree with what the government doing, the state government is wrong when it come to the salaries and its’s been approve by the document that was issued by National Ministry circular containing these two allowances plus the multiple two of salaries of the civil servant, so the government of Jonglei state has no right to remove all the allowances of the civil servant.” Deng said.

He added that incase of the argument if the government is calming that there is no finance support because the added allowances is new in the state which is true but the government should use the revenues which are generated into the state like Personal Income Tax (PIT), or the grand which is received annul by the state government those revenues would wage for the payment of the civil servants with all the allowances.

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