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Activist calls on gov’t to expedite demilitarizing of Tambura

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei                         

Activist called on the government to support the Joint Defence Board (JDB) to expeditiously remove all armed elements out of the violence-stricken county ofTambura in Western Equatoria State.

Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation (CEPO), appealed to national government as well as Western Equatoria State government to join hands with the JDB to relocate soldiers loyal to different armed groups operating in the area to other locations outside the town and deescalate the ever-growing violence.

“I call on the government to support the JDB urgently to demilitarize the armed group in Tambura”, he said.

He added that if the case of Tambura was not handled urgently, it might scare a large number of people.

“The current situation in Tambura needs an urgent solution, just like the UNdelegate reported and I quoted, if the case of Tambura is not handled urgently it may scare a large scale of people, as the burning of the villages becomes alarming including loss of lives and properties to mention but few”, Yakani said.

Western Equatoria State Minister of Information and Communication, William Adiano Balkcondemned the attack in Tambura calling it barbaric act.

“On behalf of the state Government, I condemn this barbaric act in the strongest term possible and argue the two warring parties to cease hostility and give chance for the current committee who are on the ground to carry on with their duties to ensure the relocation of the fighting forces”, he said.

Tambura had been hit by violence as tribal clashes continued to ensue, leading to mass displacement of civilians since June. Scores had also been killed in the violence, according to media reports.

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