Activist calls for punishment of sexual violence perpetrators

By Elia Joseph Loful

The Executive Director of Voice for Change has called on the government to employ strict measures and punish perpetrators of sexual gender-based violence in the community

Dorothy Drabuga expressed that lack of justice encourages sexual violence saying government sometimes do not put much focus on such matters.

“We are calling upon the government to put some strict measures so that these perpetrators are held accountable for their acts,” said Dorothy.

She called on the government to ensure that justice prevail for the victims of sexual gender-based violence.

“You know in most cases the government is always the one violating laws because if a relative of a big person is the one committing gender-based violence this person will be released without charges,” said Dorothy.

She said the reason why sexual violence is prevailing from time to time is because there is no justice and accountability.

“If the perpetrators are punished they will know that when I commit such an act, I will be held accountable I will not do it again,” she added.

She disclosed that the organization is working with the community chiefs in order to address rampant cases of sexual gender-based, particularly in Juba.

She advised women to be cautious about people who target females to exploit them stressing they should join programs which promote the rights of women.

According to the report of the Secretary General to the Security Council issued on 30 March 2019, UNMISS documented over 238 victims of conflict-related sexual violence incidents where majority were women and girls with 10 male victims.

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