Activist calls for empowerment to support peace process

Ms. Sunday Mogga, Executive Director of Grassroots’ Women Network speaks

to Juba Monitor (Photo: Manyuon Mayen)


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Executive Director of Grassroots’ Women Network has stressed the need to empower and support local population across the country to contribute to peace implementation.

Ms. Sunday Mogga explained that supporting grassroots was essential to encourage love, unity and restoration of lost relationship among citizens as far as implementation was concerned.

She spoke to Juba Monitor yesterday exclusively on Grassroots’ Women Network programs and activities towards the peace process.

“Support is not all about money. Let’s also support them with skills. We need to also give chances to women for proper participation at all levels,” said Ms. Mogga.

She revealed that if the local people were empowered they would transform the communities since they were eyes at the grassroots.

Ms. Mogga said that she was doing a lot to involve grassroots in special programs for healing and reconciliation and radio talk shows as a way of encouraging their participation.

The women activist pointed out that it was high time for everyone in South Sudan to double their efforts in preaching peace to the locals.

“We need to create for them a space. We need to show them that they are important people in the community. It is all about lifting them up to see that they are able to participate in the peace agreement,” she emphasized.

She urged people in the grassroots to fully participate in the Revitalized Peace Agreement regardless of some challenges they faced.

Grassroots Women’s Network works on the areas of peace building that comprises of reconciliation, women empowerment and livelihood saving.

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