Active Citizen on human rights campaign

By Correspondent

In an effort to educate locals on their fundamental rights, Active Citizen South Sudan, a National Organization operating in the country has embarked on door-to-door campaigns on Basics of Human Rights. The group is urging the communities to protect people’s rights despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year, the Organization started sensitizing communities on essential rights in order to fight against human rights violations within the communities.

Angelina Stephen Ban, the Project Officer for Active Citizen South Sudan said the Organization was now able to embark on the sensitization since some areas were not maximally reached last year.

“Last year, we did campaigns in Luri County’s areas in Juba but when we conducted evaluation surveys; we realized that there was still a huge need to further the awareness,” she narrated.

“So, this is why we decided to embark on the campaigns once more as a way of informing the communities that were not educated. It is also a chance to get in touch with our rights ambassadors in the communities,” Ms. Ban added.

The campaign titled “Advancing Civic Engagement in South Sudan” is being conducted by Active Citizen South Sudan (ACSS) in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

The targeted areas include; Mangateen, Hai Referendum, Eden, Mia Saba and New site areas of Luri County respectively.  

Ms. Ban revealed the campaign was also meant to emphasize on how to take actions against the perpetrators and boost referral pathways for the victims.

The rate of rape and other forms of gender-based violence among women and girls have continued to surge since the pandemic broke out last year.

The Activist called on all partners advocating for respect and promotion of human rights including South Sudan Human Rights Commission to work together in creating awareness to as many people as possible in order to hold violators accountable.

According to Ms. Ban, the communities’ perception on the rights of the people would be shaped through the campaigns.

These include; the right to education, the right to life and the right to freedom of opinions among others.

The door-to-door campaign targets up to 10,000 homes within Luri County’s areas. At least 1,500 households have been so far reached.

Nyegai Shatiem, a resident of Mangateen admitted that the locals were faced with rights related violations in the communities.

“And if everyone is aware of the basic rights like what is happening now, then we won’t allow others to violate our rights instead, we would take actions in our own perspectives when these basic rights are violated,” She explained.

“So, the campaign will be absolutely beneficial to us because most of our people would have known the consequences of the violations,” Shatiem added.

Nyemal John, another resident of Mangateen said they now know accurate procedures to follow when encountering right related violations.  

“We have now known right procedures to be followed when reporting especially going to South Sudan Human Rights Commission,” he said.

According to the reports, the basic rights violations are some of the threats to the protection and wellbeing of the women and young girls in South Sudan.

But Active Citizen South Sudan is doing all it can to educate the communities about their rights and emphasize more on taking actions against the perpetrators.

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