Active Citizen appeals for gender equity

By Correspondent

Active Citizen South Sudan, an indigenous youth organization is appealing to the communities across the country to embrace gender equality; a move the organization believes would advance women empowerment.

As the advocates embark on series of gender equality campaigns in Juba, the entity is asking the general public and stakeholders to realize the efficacy of gender equity among the South Sudanese. 

“We want the community to know that all genders are equal and we shouldn’t discriminate one and love the other one,” said Angelina Stephen Ban, the Project Officer of the organization. 

The campaign was conducted by Active Citizen South Sudan through the funding of the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA). It covers Luri County’s vicinities that include Mangaten, Eden and Mia-saba areas respectively.

Ms. Ban revealed the engagement would serve as a basis to shun myths surrounding women and girls’ rights.

She added that it was high time to eliminate all the obstacles that deprive gender equality and women empowerment, stating that “women shouldn’t be seen as second options in the societies”.

At least over 9,000 locals were reached during the ongoing door-to-door campaigns in Luri areas. 

According to the activist, the motive was to educate the general public on the importance of gender equality.

“All the genders are the same. There is no gender that’s more important than the other. We are also emphasizing on work related issues in the society. Women should not just be taken because they are women.

“They should be given positions because they deserve it as they are qualified for the positions not because they are women,” Ms. Ban concluded.

Mr. Madhol Koryom, a local Chief at Mangaten area admitted that it was difficult to observe gender equality in the community, but since the campaign was initiated, he hopes the gender equality would be achieved. 

“It was difficult as a matter of facts to embrace the idea, even among the chiefs in Mangaten here; it is really difficult to be put into real life practice. But, since the activists have now taken the lead, I believe it will be achieved and promoted,” he explained.

Michael Biphal, the Executive Director for Active Citizen South Sudan revealed that the organization is projecting to reach out to most of the South Sudanese in the next coming few months.

“We project that in the next two to three months, the communities would have been sensitized on gender equality. We need everyone to be reached and this is why we are now using media as a medium to pass our message to people, because media is a vital tool to pass the information,” he narrated.

The Director said the campaign would be of significance if the message was comprehended by all, adding that “it is really important to reach all the communities”.

Article 14 of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011 says that all persons are equal before the law and are entitled to the equal protection of the law without discrimination of race, ethnic origin, color, sex, language, religious creed, political opinion, birth, locality or social status.

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