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ACTED Staff sentenced for quarrelling with RRC Coordinator released

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

A family member of female Aid Worker who was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment in Jonglei State last week for allegedly assaulting a government official has confirmed a release of the Aid Worker and other two workmates after an appeal letter addressed by Court of appeal from Juba.

In mid this month, at least three ACTED staff including Chief supervisor of food Security and Livelihood for Jonglei State Ms Aluel Mary Majok has been sentenced to two years imprisonment over alleged quarrelling with RRC Bor county coordinator.

Jonglei High court passed a decision sentencing them over what he described as ‘’Threatening of the public servant in his office’’

According to defense lawyer, Mamer Deng Aleer said that Aluel went to Alier’s office on an official visit, where disagreement ensued but returned to her office without assaulting the coordinator.

‘’Couples of days later, Aluel was arrested along with two colleagues for allegedly attacking the state Relief and Rehabilitation Commission coordinator Mr. David Alier Pach, in his office,’’ said Lawyer stated.

The lawyer claimed that the coordinator had some grievances with released Aluel since January over employment term for temporary and casual workers.

Mamer Anyuon, who is Aluel’s cousin brother, said that the Aid worker alongside her two colleagues were released yesterday following a letter by the Court of Appeal in Juba.

Mamer revealed that Aluel together with her two colleagues will go to Juba soon for next session of trials.

“It was a procedure that Mary Aluel’s Lawyers proceded ahead to the high Court in Juba. They went for appeal. They appealed to the high court and that’s why they were released today (Saturday),’’ he stressed.

‘’They will still have to follow up the case especially the next session at the high Court in Juba. So, it is the session to favor them or judge them according to the law but not remorsefully and contrary to the law.” Mr. Anyuon said.

However, defense lawyer Mamer Deng Aleer reiterated that the first grade judge of Bor County high court passed a verdict without police files and eye witnesses.

The Defence Lawyer blamed the move by Judge Jarfar Adison calling it ‘’premature judgment of the case’’

‘’According to South Sudan Penal Code of 2008, anybody who is found guilty of any assault case is punishable by two or three months in jail. Where did 2 years come from? He asked. Mary Aluel Majok and her colleagues Mr. Kuai Garang and Riak Machok were sentenced to 2 years in jail and each was to pay a fine of 20,000 pounds,’’ Lawyer Aleer recalled.

In 2015, Mary Aluel Majok joined ACTED organization as Food Distribution Supervisor in Mingkaman till she became a Chief supervisor at Bor site December last year.

Earlier on, many civil society activists in Jonglei including mother of civil society called Jonglei Civil Society Network were not contented with the ruling.

Jonglei civil society on Saturday during the released of the aid workers appreciated the court of appeal for the reversed of the decision.

Mr. David Garang Goch, chairperson of Jonglei Civil society said that the law practitioners were supposed to be fair, just and accountable to their doings in order not to mess with the societies.


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