Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I took the cue from my friend Rajab Muhandis and agreed with him totally that the President’s office is superior and should not be the where each and every matter is handled unless it touches on the presidency. We are talking about the recently circulated Sentry report. Sometimes these reports which have been circulated time and again and have nothing new should not occupy attention because by reacting to them, they only fuel the urge of the author to come up with more lies and false information. I stand corrected. What is so new in this particular report which the West have not mentioned in the past and present circulated “reports” which do not add value to the country’s move for restoring peace. The timing of these accusations baffles many and leaves a lot to determine as to what their intended purposes are. I have been one person who would wish the truth came out instead of drum-beat topic of the so called malpractices in our midst. Agreeing with Muhandis who is one of the leading advocates of good governance, the umbrellas of civil societies in the country have not made a mark in their articulation of truth according to the on-goings. They should come out and tell these Western agents that what they see or perceive was their own thinking and not the real situation in the country. In some countries civil societies have come out to point to the government the shortfall but defend the same where smear campaign is being carried out. In the absence of such a move the government is left to defend itself against wrong accusation and this could be one of the reasons why the highest office in the land found it necessary to plan to respond to the Sentry report. I am saying probably because the response is slotted for today. If only civil societies and other activists could vet and verify what these institutions are up to then they would immediately know and understand the hidden agenda. These are the same reports which are intended to pit this country with her neighbours. What haven’t they done and always rise to any opportunity to soil the name and image of this country. The time is now that the citizens should not fall prey to these concocted reports which are only meant to draw a wedge between the peaceful populations of this country. It is really unfortunate that long since these reports start circulating the authors or those behind them have not given-up. It seems if it happened, they stand to have empty pockets or the donor will have no more use for them and they may be dumped. This is why they have to make sure they recycle report after report to suit their pockets. It is why mostly should avoid their baits and act according to the national interests.

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