By Anna Nimiriano

I am very grateful to take this opportunity to acknowledge the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) and women in News Editorial leadership for recognizing my work in Africa and the world at large. As I receive my Africa Award in June in Scotland, United Kingdom (UK) I am expecting to receive another Award this month in Washington DC United States. All these Awards are progress in my work, hardship, threats and all forms of bad things I went through in the life of journalism.

It has become a recognition to me, my family, community and the country at large. I hope working environment should be improved for journalists in the country, so that they do their work free.

Thus, the work of journalists should be recognized and understood by the government in the country. Journalists should not be treated like enemies, they are citizens of this country who need safety and all forms of protection.

Together with the government, we can push this country ahead and bring sustainable peace in the country.  For political stability in the country, it is we who spoiled this country; in the same way we should put it in better position.

However, I would like also take this opportunity to appreciate Ambassadors and Diplomats of various embassies in South Sudan, especially those who shared with me the celebrations of thanks giving prayers of my Africa Award on the 3rd of August this year in our home in Juba. May they continue supporting media in South Sudan.

Dear readers, there is nothing easy in this world; everything require struggle and determination for success.

I also thank my community, Church, friends, journalists and others, who supported me to continue in this profession.

Above all my thanks go to Almighty God for lifting me up to this level. I know He is my guidance and protector in all my movements around the world and in the country. It was not easy but for God things were possible.

We need to put God ahead of everything in our lives, at the end of the day we are living this world. Where we are going, depends on our work on earth. If you are always saying the truth, nothing will harm you because God want the truth and the truth will sat you free from the hands of enemy.

Therefore, let women’s work be recognized in Africa and the world, for the good things they are doing. May God bless us all.

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