Achuil promises to invest in football

By John Agok

The South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) candidate Molana Peter Achuil yesterday pledged to bring funds from investors that will efficiently and effectively provide services to beneficiaries at the lowest cost.

The advocate who earned master’s in law assured nearly hundreds of participants during his launching campaign under the theme: “Together we can build better football” which attracted attention from quarters of some youth in attendance.

Achuil opened his launching statement with political rhetoric that; “Patriotic citizens, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the leadership of this country for its strenuous effort made towards serving this country with patriotic heart. This sacrifice and commitment from the SPLM leadership in keeping the vision and mission of the SPLM to grow daily,” he said.

“He promised to build sport for media and ensuring that both girls and boys participate in playing football,” Achuil.

Transparency and accountability also touched his manifesto given the fact that, evaluation in every activity carried out by the federation must weigh and be recorded

Mr. Achuil is the second candidate for SSFA to declare his candidacy for presidency after Lual Malek Lual in Juba.

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