Achai Wiir Foundation donates items to IDPs

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Achai Wiir Foundation donated thousands of food and non-food items to the Internally Displaced Persons in Mangalla Payam, Central Equatoria State on Tuesday. Achai Wiir who is well-known for her charitable work was welcomed by thousands of IDPs in Mangalla as she gave her support to the people.

“I love you all. I have been planning to come to see you since last year but other commitments kept me from coming here,” she said.

Among the items donated were; 1500 bags of maize flour, 500 mattresses, 1000pieces of tarpaulin covers (Mushama), 1500 pieces of mosquito nets and 300 sleeping mats.

While addressing the IDPs, Achai Awet Alor commonly known as Achai Wiir said that she felt shameful to see vulnerable people suffer without giving support to them.The IDPs in Mangallalacka lot of basic needs such as water, health services and good schools.

Shecongratulated her fellow businessman Benjamin Bol Mel for his continued support to the Mangalla IDPs saying that there is no one better than South Sudanese themselves to help the vulnerable South Sudanese. She added that not only the government to take responsibility but people need to come in, where the government is unable to help.

“My fellow business women and men, let us not just have contracts without giving back to the community, we need to have a heart of humanity in order to help our South Sudanese,” Ms. Achai pleaded.

Ms. Achai isdescribed as the most prominent and charitablewoman who gives support to vulnerable communities in the country.She promisedthat her charity work will not end in one state but she will continue to support the most vulnerable people across the country.

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