Achai Wiir donates to disabled persons amid economic downturn

By John Agok

The Businesswoman and Philanthropist have donated to Juba Disables for the second time despite the ongoing economic challenge in the Country.

Speaking to media Miss Achai said, she is overwhelmed by the suffering of vulnerable people especially disables people who are neglected in the society.

 “I felt bad when seeing our people who are even physically fit sit on streets begging together with disadvantage people. I have no option but to reach out to these rejected people for them to feel that they are recognized by society. I thought that, it is the role of the government to support such individual and now it is very unfortunate that the government is not having social welfare policy for such people in our country”.

“I used to give food items and COVID-19 supplies for them to protect themselves from pandemic. I sometimes give cash to some individuals to settle hospital bills for the sick ones. We are working as the team and my team is always monitoring their situations and they used to inform me about their daily challenges,” Achaiwiir said.

There were over thirty disables people that received the support from Achaiwirr in Juba.

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