Achai Wiir, an honest and nonsegregative philanthropist.

By Malek Arol Dhieu.

Though aids are rendered to disadvantaged people in South Sudan, those given by Mrs. Achai Wiir out-compete others in very many ways. She generously gives as if she one time became a Bible preacher, exactly in line with what the Bible says that “when you give, do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing and vice versa”. This is best evidenced in her honest speeches as she never brags of her resolute supports and her sophisticated actions in the face of fighting poverty in South Sudan and beyond. This is the first time in history for a woman to mount on human conscience and immortality by becoming the “eye” of the whole nation, imagine, a woman extending her helping hand to help in where most of the men fear to go to. Needless to say, her sympathy makes her tear together with disadvantaged people upon seeing them before she even opens her mouth to pledge. How many tycoons do that? How many tycoons give without remembering and bragging of what they give? God must have intended to end the sufferings of South Sudanese by invisibly sending a humble woman to antagonize the fatal actions of hunger and poverty, like He sent His own begotten son, Jesus Christ, through the virgin Mary to save the world from sins. God works in strange ways, He first brought peace, then followed by this philanthropist so that her unwavering supports aren’t localized in certain locations because of insecurity. I came to recognize Mrs. Achai Wiir when she unregretably cleared the medication bill of Dominic Deng Madut, a 2nd year medical student in the University of Juba who developed a bilateral renal failure in which he was referred to Egypt for kidney transplantation. We, as medical students and the parents have tried by all means to make sure one kidney, if not all, is bought and transplanted by fundraising but all we fundraised couldn’t even buy half a kidney. But lastly when we’re almost losing hope as the little money we garnered was paid for dialysis, Achai Wiir heard of this and came herself to witness the condition both of us were in, then without being told, she immediately paid the whole lot of treatment including a two-way ticket, accommodation and all it took to make Dominic Deng have a second chance of life. Currently, he’d one kidney transplanted and is healthily waiting for another donor to have the other kidney transplanted, then comes back to resume pursuing his medical career alongside other activities. Jesus once said if you do good to one of my brothers, then you’ve done it to me, and so you shall be blessed for it. Riches stored in heaven are rewardable and long-lasting, and so do those who give them. Not only that, Achai Wiir has gone downstairs to shoulder the most neglected community, I mean the disadvantaged persons by easing their facilitated movements with 3-wheel motorbikes. To me, this is more than an aid in the fact that it also goes in line with advancements as disabled persons of other countries, after once using 3-wheel motorbikes, went further in using other advanced self-operated vehicles that require less energy and time to operate. Disabled persons should be cared for, protected and brought nearer to healthy people to make sure a believe is instilled in them that they aren’t unwanted and useless, and to effect this believe wants healthy persons to share dinner tables, rooms, laughs, jokes with them and everything that makes them have peace of mind. Achai’s core plans and intentions aren’t far from fighting unemployment and economic instability in the country as evidenced by her numerous business centers in which hundreds of people are employees of her own set-up and well-equipped business centers. This remarkable woman has already secured a self-contained room in heaven by her Bible-associated assistances rendered without borders to the needy, leave alone the breakage of records on women to testify that women can too do what men can do, while her white legacy of being among the very few renowned women to have contributed positively in nation building is a side dish. Her assistances are uncountable, ranging from one-on-one financial assistances to institutional assistances at different levels within and outside the country, making her foot prints trace wherever she goes to. If there were two other tycoons of the same generosity helping Achai Wiir in fighting economy setback, hunger, poverty, tribalism and selfishness, South Sudan would be almost free from those enemies of progress and would have caught up with other countries in advancement. Though there’re other tycoons rendering services voluntarily as she does, generosity and origin of resources you give always have an impact on your assistances to people.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

He can be reached at malengaroldit@gmail.com or +211922332811.               

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