Accused NCP Secretary General denied forgery allegations

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The accused National Congress Party (NCP) Secretary General whom the other side referred as former and he still claiming authority of party and was accused by some members within the party linking him with collection of money from diplomatic missions and forging diplomatic passport as well claiming to be chairperson for the party denied all the allegations.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Mathew Mayor Ayuong, said the accusations that were made by some members of the party against him wasn’t true, and he challenged those who accused him of collecting  money from diplomatic missions to present their evidences.

“The chairperson of the party has violated article (18- 19) of party constitution and she mislead herself. In article 18 for party constitution said the Chairperson presides over the meetings of the political Bureau, and shall be responsible for all the works before the general conference but the appointment of the Secretary General is done in consultation with the advisory council. The chairperson of the party shall form a committee from amongst the political Bureau members to nominate the party candidates for the appointments to the constitutional positions and top executive positions at the national and the state level and forward them to the political Bureau office for approval,” Mayor said.

He added that “for those who said I am former Party Secretary General they are liars, currently I am still party Secretary General and basically legitimate party Secretary, why I am legitimate because all the registered parties in the council of political parties in south Sudan knows me”.

However, when contacted the Chairperson for the National Congress party (NCP)Agnes Poni Lukudu, said the party have already withdraw all powers from the former Secretary General Mathew Mayor. “If he still calling himself a Secretary General in that case  I don’t  know because the one I know is Yousif Miyom Dau who is legitimate Secretary General for the p

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