The Chairman of the United Democratic Salvation Front (UDSF) said there should be accountability first before talking about National Dialogue in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Eng. Joseph Malwal Dong said he proposed the idea of the National Dialogue in 2009 when he met President Salva Kiir Mayardit and presented a one page document to him about it because he knew things would not go well after the separation of South Sudan from Sudan.

He said in his own observation, the issues for the dialogue should have been identified before the initiation and consequent declaration of the National Dialogue in the country.

“The dialogue should be about the issues. The President has not identified the issues for which we are dialoguing. He has not identified who is dialoguing with whom? I doubt if it will yield any fruit,” he said. My personal opinion here is that there should have been accountability first on what happened in the country before the National Dialogue,” he added.

He said dialogue is about determination of the country’s future.

“Accountability would have now led us to the next phase when we have made ourselves clear that we are guilty or I am guilty and you are wrong and I am right. We put these things aside after our reconciliation and then we can call a dialogue. Dialogue is about our future. How do we move forward to our future?” Eng. Dong asked.

He described the National Dialogue as a window dressing.

“I am saying there is something wrong with the dialogue, the way it is being done. I see it as a window dressing. The window is being dressed to talk and end up with conclusions which are not definitely the things we need in the country,” he said. There should have been accountability first, after accountability then we dialogue among ourselves because the dialogue is supposed to pave a way for our future in this country,” he said.

The Director of Communication and Information Unit of the National Dialogue Secretariat, Alfred Taban welcomed the sentiments but urged Eng. Dong to forward his concerns to the National Committee for deliberations with the intention of getting a lasting solution.

Engineer Dong said although the President asked for forgiveness at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA), things have not changed in the country.

“The President said he asked for forgiveness from the parliament. Have things changed since the time he asked for forgiveness? Did the parliament not forgive him? What about individual people who have been aggrieved?” he asked. So the dialogue is taking a wrong path as far as I am concerned. I am for accountability first before the dialogue. That was and is still my position,” he emphasized.

More details on the interview with Engineer Joseph Malwal Dong tomorrow.




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