Accommodate everyone in the Unity Government

By Elia Joseph Loful

When a father distribute sweets to his children, he make sure that none of the children should be left out or discriminated in any way. Even though another one was not present at home when he arrive from work, he sense it and straight away keep some sweets just to ensure that all of them get a share without having anyone complain about the cake or sweets.

During the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005 in Nairobi, the Late Dr. John Garang De Mabior quoted the Gospel of John 14:1 which says ‘Jesus said in my Father’s house, there are so many rooms’. So he was alluding to that Chapter to tell Sudanese and particularly Southern Sudanese parties or politicians that the then New Sudan Government would ensure that all of them were going to be accommodated. My opinion hereby, is that nobody at this time should be worrying about representation in the government. Let there be rooms to accommodate those who might have contributed as well in the peace agreement. There should not be any further grudges because of possible representations. As of last week the National Democratic Movement (NDM) logged a complain saying they have been sidelined by government leaving them out from the recent parties representation on various positions and institutions. There were individuals who were dissatisfied arguing that they were left out of the system despite the facts that they have participated in the previous peace negotiations and have contributed immensely. The citizens at this time where there is now some relative peace in country want to continue seeing that leaders are lenient to one another and must portray sense of being in position to solve problems amicably wherever the need be. Any minor or big political problem should be handle and retreated with care and wisdom. I suggest that the current government of National Unity should at least try at all cost to harmonize whatever pending portfolios and grievances raised by some groups or parties. This will allow full implementation of peace agreement. We should not afford again to allow things go out of our hands while we can resolves them peacefully without having logger heads. In the previous years, some leaders were seen complaining after lost elections or failed to secure positions in the government. As such they end up rebelling against the government. But this kind of habits shouldn’t replicates itself at this juncture. We should give room for peace to prevail because nobody want to hear war anymore.

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