By Malek Arol Dhieu (GUEST)

Odongo Odoyo

With the recent police data indicating that nearly one hundred accidents have occurred during the New Year’s celebrations, lives are squeezed to an uninhabitable corner where the only truth teller is that who says death tolls are flooding statistics. I can’t be taken to prison of liars if I say, in every fleet of 10 vehicles on the highways, there are 2 ambulances carrying corpses to mortuaries sirening an alarm that sends a sorrowful message to lovers of humanity. If personnel were employed solely to report daily accidents, it would be found that accident cases exceed those of Coronavirus, and that, chances of succumbing to invitees of accident wounds are high. In case I trouble you to wonder what ‘invitees of accident wounds’ would be, don’t worry much, here we go. Invitees of accident wounds would be tetanus which gets in to wounds from the soil, foreign bodies that rupture from the vehicles and get in to wounds to hinder wound healing, and infections that occur as a result of passengers infecting themselves as wounds may come to contact, leading to exchange of infections. As reported by Brig. Gen. James Dak Karlo, the Police Deputy Spokesperson, that there were 57 car and 37 motor accidents recorded only during the New Year’s celebrations, accident cases throughout the year can even be incalculable. So, minds should be cooked to deal with what triggers drivers and riders to make accidents day in, day out, alongside full compensations and punishment of the victims and drivers and riders respectively. Traffic rules and regulations should be adhered to by all road users irrespective of calibers to make sure if accidents are not halted on, then they are minimized. But one annoying thing that, if not abandoned, may denounce the existence of Traffic police, is that, Traffic Police officers are greeted with folded money and I doubt the efficiency of bribed officers in their duties. How strict in their work are officers greeted with money? To me, they have swallowed their profession with the money, I mean they have abused their profession, in that, accident cases shall always exceed other cases countrywide. Traffic police should reform and wake up!       

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