Accept the truth to end conflict -Artist

Case Blanco of the “Hagiga Mafi” fame.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese should accept the truth and seek forgiveness if they want peace to prevail in this country, says artist Cese Blanco


“Hagiga Mafi” is one of the latest songs from Case Blanco that urges all people to learn to accept the truth.

“Junubin maderin hagiga, Junubin ma indum hagiga, if you speak the truth people will hate you and this has led to lost of trust among South Sudanese,” Blanco said.

The singer said people should not yarn for peace and not propaganda or confusion. He appealed to citizens to work towards peace and unity so that the country can move forward.

“We should accept the truth and seek forgiveness in order for peace to prevail but as long as, we don’t accept the truth then we are creating more troubles,” he said.

“If you wronged your neighbor you must admit it, so that you are forgiven, but if you deny then you may not live in peace with your neighbor,” the singer said.

Santos Akech, one of the singer’s fans said, as long as South Sudanese accept the truth, the peace shall automatically prevail in the country.

“Forgiving each other now and opening a new chapter; is the truth that we should all accept so that life continues smoothly,” Santos said.

Case Blanco said many times we don’t admit our mistakes that is why is the reason why the conflict is still continuing.

Akon Nyalut Mary appreciated the singer, for coming up with such a song, “The singers are doing their part and I urge the citizens to listen to such songs and put it into practice,” Akon said.

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