Academic year 2020 beginning soon

Anna Nimiriano
Editor in Chief
Juba Monitor

Currently, administrations of various schools are busy announcing school academic year to alert parents to register their children. Most of the schools would begin in February as planned by the Ministry of Education in every new academic year in the country. However, parents who planned early have already budgeted for the fees and other requirements needed by the administrations of the schools. Such parents have no problems; their children will begin classes without any difficulty.

Parents who are still looking for money, would delay registration of their children, especially the polygamous families in which their parents might have many children to take care of their fees, uniforms and other needs at the same time is not easy. In such situation women who are capable should support their husbands in order to allow children study. That needs understanding between them for the better future of the children. 

Parents who send their children to study in the neighboring countries are also preparing them to go to schools. The differences are that those parents would budget in hard currency. For those who are working for International Organizations and are being paid in dollars, they dont have challenges.  And those who are working in government institutions yet their salaries are not being paid regularly would have a lot of tasks.

Several parents are jobless. It is difficult for them to manage schools requirements. Some children’s parents who were holding big positions in the government have been fired and are redundant, they have challenges if they didn’t plan well.

Due to economic crisis in the country, the exchange rate of dollars is very expensive, it is not easy to buy dollars in the black markets. If you ask from the banks, the answer is no dollars. Several parents and guardiants have more than two children to take care of.

Nevertheless, some of them sent those children to study abroad when the economic situation was good; it was easy to buy dollars, now their conditions have changed. It is difficult for them to manage families and take the responsibility of the children in schools.

Therefore, my advice to those parents who sent their children to study in the neighboring countries is that they should  bring their children back to South Sudan. There are schools with good quality, they can register their children to study in such schools. Above all, we need peace in the country; some parents took their children during the period of conflict. Where few teachers remained in the country, several of them evacuated the country and became refugees in Uganda, Kenya, Sudan and other countries. Let us get better ways for our children to study.

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