The truth of the matter is that the Abyei issue has taken long to solve whether political goodwill or not, it is time to take the matter seriously and let it be put to pass by informed judgments from the Juba and Khartoum. The two countries have come along way in resolving many issues that had stood before them and continue to work closer with one another. The Abyei community has time and again appealed to the two governments and the international community to recognize them as part of South Sudan. It will only be fair and justifiable if they were given their wish, Political will should be demonstrated and round the table discussions held so that the Abyei community can feel belonging and part of the country. That it has been given administrative status equally speak volume meaning the key players are working on something that would be of beneficial to all parties. During the seventh celebration of the Abyei referendum last week, this call was repeated in which the residents called on the international community to recorgnize Abyei as part of South Sudan, During the referendum on 31st October 2013, 99 percent voted for joining South Sudan. It has been seven years for them waiting for the final decision to be made although they have clearly expressed their firm interests to remain here. The international community with the key players should speed up and resolve this issue once and for all. It cannot be left pending for unknown period of time as these the residents would wish to enjoy peace within their back-yard and develop their locality for now and for the future of their children. It is the only way they will live to enjoy peace with other countrymen and women. The Abyei community deserves to be granted their wishes.

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