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Abraham Chol’s family worries

By Bida Elly David

The family of the self-proclaimed prophet Abraham Chol Maketh on Thursday expressed concerns about their son who had been starving for the past 28 days in prison.

The family said, they were worried since clergyman’s health was seen deteriorating consistently at the Juba Central Prison.

This came after Abraham Chol spent approximately 30 days starving, requesting for his bail or to be judged in the Court of law.

Speaking to the media days ago, Peter Makol, the younger brother pointed out that they have been denied access to Abraham at the prison entrance for more than 45 days by then.

‘’We have been demanding access to our brother since he also needed our presence for help, but we were denied,’’ he said.

He further reiterated that his brother’s health status was diminishing compared to those days.

‘’My brother’s health status is diminishing in the prison as it started from the 15th of September and so the authorities banned people from paying visit since there were food items to rescue his situation. He is 28 days without food and water now and it has taken us 45 days without seeing him after blockage by the police,’’ he said.

The family urged the authorities to at least pardon them to get access of visit to their brother in prison facility.

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