About 80 youth received training on GBV

By Yiep Joseph

At least80 youth have received one day training on how to prevent and report Gender Base Violence (GBV)and inequalities in their societies by Young Men’sChristians Association (YMCA)South Sudan.

YMCA is NationalNon-GovernmentalOrganization that focus on youths and women empowerment.

The youth from different states came together under the Youth Camp experienced organized by YMCA to get tips on GBV preventions, interact and share their experience and talents in various aspects of life.

During the event, SikoAlanzaEzikia the GBV actor for YMCA cautioned youths to respec teach other in the society adding that it was the first prevention to Gender Base Violence.

“For us to avoid GBV, we need to respect each other, stay away from toxic drugs and know our roles in our society,” Alanza said.

He added that the youths should use good and humble language when communicating to each other and avoid harsh language that would leads to violence.

He called on the young Christians(youths) to avoid cases of rape, bullying and to fight against the acts in their various states and societies.

“Please young men be supportive, believe when girls tell youth about violence they experienced in their lives and help them out where necessary,” he added.

Meanwhile Francis GadoMoula National secretary General of YMCA urged the youth to work hard and use their potentials in order to be good citizens or leaders for today and tomorrow.

“The youth camp experienced that we have just concluded is a forum where young people come together and display all their talents and experiences they acquired for example in drama, music, art work and other fields,”Moula said.

He said that YMCA would continue to support the youth in the country in all aspects be it physical, mental and spiritual.

“The youth must believe in themselves, accept each otherwork hard and stay away from violence in order to build a better South Sudan,” he added.

However, Ezra BayaYouth Coordinator YMCA encouraged youth to involve themselves in economic empowerment activities, sports,music and drama and other fields in order to develop their career.

“Youth must be entrepreneurs, creative and have knowledge of saving the little they get in order to carter for their needs,” he added.

“This is the first Youth Camp where they joined together to show their talents and experience. Therefore, I urged them to continue and acquire more skills in order to be better people in life,” Baya said

Juwa Ambrose theChange Agent YMCA urged girls to follow their careers and compete with men citing that “what men can do women can do better”.

She saidthe organization would continue to empower women, work for social justice and protection for women’s rights.

“Iam happy about women participation in Media industry regardless of what others says that women are shy and can’t manage,” Juwa said.

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