About 80 students graduate from Upper Nile University

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

At least 80 Greater Equatoria students from Upper Nile University have graduated from different colleagues in Juba.

The graduation was organized by the Greater Equatoria Students Association in Upper Nile University for those students who have finished their final year of studies: under the theme “Quality education for bright future.”

While addressing the audience at the graduation ceremony, Dr. Alex Yuru Gibia, the Upper Nile University Academic Registrar who is also the Patron of the Greater Equatoria Students Association in Upper Nile University congratulated the students for their success.

“I am very pleased with the way you organized the graduation as an association since you cannot wait for the university administration,” Dr. Yuru said.

He said since the university was relocated to Juba from its original place, it faced many challenges and that was the reason why the administration of the university could not organize graduation yearly for students.

However, he said though employment these days is based on tribalism a friendship, he urges the graduates to work hard in order to get jobs.

“The education you have for me is enough for you to create job for yourselves, when you create jobs for yourselves that means you have created jobs to other people in the country,” said Dr. Yuru.

Rev. Canon Gordon Abina Waya, the retired teacher and pastor who was a representative of elders said he was encouraged to see such number of students graduating from Greater Equatoria from Upper Nile University.

“It is a great encouragement for everyone in the country as far as my experience as a teacher is concerned, we need to encourage both girls and boys to have education, without both going to school, we will remain behind,” Rev. Abina said.

However, he called on the graduates to encourage their fellow colleagues to come out of the darkness, and ignorance saying because as they said that 80 percent of South Sudanese are illiterate, so let us come out of that darkness and our country will grow high.

Rose Jackson Laku, a student who graduated from the faculty of human development department of Secretarial Studies and Office Management expressed her happiness to parents for the support they had given to her.

“I am very excited for today’s graduation, my special thanks go to my parents and the lecturers who worked tirelessly in order to bring me up to today, without them I wouldn’t be here,” said Ms. Rose.

She said it was not easy for most of them to continue with the studies after Upper Nile University was relocated from its original place to Juba adding that they encountered many challenges.

“Out of many challenges we never gave up, and our parents and university administration stood with us and I hope our fellow students will do the same by not giving up like us,” she said.

Laku Ronald Paulino, one of the graduates from the faculty of animal production said that the graduation celebration was one of the greatest successes in his life.

“What we have achieved today is not a failure but it is a great success for us as students, family and the nation at large because we are not going to help ourselves, parents but we are going to help the country,” Mr. Ronald said.

Mr. Ronald encourages the continued students to continue working hard for their success saying when “You are struggling for something that can change your life from bad to good, never give up.”

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