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About 50 cattle retrieved in Bor

By Jacob Bol Mayar

At least 50 herds of cattle were retrieved back after armed criminals raidedMalou in Kolnyang Payam of Bor County in Jonglei state which left one dead.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Agau Angeth, the Eye witness who was herding with the victim during the incident confirmed that over 50 herds of cattle have been retrieved after engagement with the plunderers.

“I was attacked in place where my cattle were grazing by the armed attackers. After the attackers left, I discovered that the cattle were raided, but from there I called my colleagues whom I left them back in cattle camp to come and rescue me which resulted to retrieval of more than 50 cattle,” Agau said.

Meanwhile Commissioner of Bor County,Yuot Alier Ok confirmed that the incident had occurred and notified the authorities of neighboring Pibor Administrative area about the matter.

“those suspects are believed to have come from Pibor because the cattle footsteps have headed to Pibor. So, we are in communication with authorities in Pibor, but after the peace conference which was held in Bor the communication was easy that we had informed authorities of Pibor about the past incident like two people killed on Saturday last week and other incidents that had happened. but now the communication is difficult because most of the chiefs have returned to their counties such as Liwnagualei and Gumuruk which rendered the communication useless,”said Yuot.

However, the Minister for Information of Greater Pibor Administrative AreaJai Adingornyia Alual said that they were not fully aware about the recent incident reported in Jonglei.

On Saturday last week, two cattle traders were killed and one left wounded along Anyidii -Mareng road immediately after the Peace conference was concluded in the same week on Thursday in Jonglei.

According to Pieri Peace deal this year, it was agreed by the communities in greater Jonglei and Greater Pibor to compensate the blood of any innocent victims of people killed by any of sides as a way to mitigate the rampant killings among the Communities.

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