The government is projecting to have almost 4,000 midwives by 2030 to help in alleviating traditional and backstreet delivery including antenatal care for the new birth. This is one of the expected safe havens for mothers who are carrying the future generation. Gender Minister Jemma Nunu Kumba told an international gathering in Nairobi Kenya which was attended by 9,500 global delegates from 170 countries that the issue of midwives had taken slow pace in the country but the government had turned its attention to put things into order for the benefit of the expecting mothers and their young born. This indicates how development is being spread into different sectors for the benefit of the entire population. Knowing that mothers and the young born are the pillars of a nation, it is equally expected that more attention should be given to that effect. It is agreeable that the health sector constitutes one of the major required turn-about in the improvement of the citizens’ lives. It has to be taken care of so that it could accommodate and care for the general population. It is not only the midwifery that is of importance in any aspect but other components also require improvement. Anything health or education should be treated with glove hands to enable any damages to be put at bay. Reasons should make it mandatory that all health components are taken care of by improving their activities in the shortest time possible so that each and every individual could enjoy the proceed of success in the sector. For plan to have 3,900 by 2030 to succeed the journey must start now and those scheduled plans be real and turned into action not notes on papers to be kept in the archive of history. This nation must be seen in the light of being a country of action not of lip-services.

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