About 25,000 people in Maridi surviving on one Borehole

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The civic population of Mambe County in Maridi state is alleged to been surviving on only one Borehole for their day to day activities.

Mambe county used to have eight functional Boreholes but it is alleged that seven broke down leaving the community to depend on the one borehole.

Pastor Paul Zakaria Bago of Enlightened Christian Gathering told Juba Monitor that even the one remaining borehole produces dirty and smelling water.

“Mambe had eight hand boreholes that were established by some Non-Governmental Organizations, seven got broken and only one left,” said Paul.

Paul said that due to the growing population in Mambe, people are forced to search for water from swamps and streams.

Paul narrated to Juba Monitor that Daniel Balash, the commissioner of Mambe said that since he was appointed as an official no help has been extended to the county.

“The commissioner said that I should pass a message as I come to Juba that Mambe needs support in terms of health facility, education and water,” Paul said.

Paul appealed to Non-governmental organizations to rescue the people of Mambe who are in dire need of support.

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