About 16 arrested for suspected robbery

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

At least 16 gangsters suspected to be robbers have been arrested for their involvement in a night robbery in Amadi State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone from Mundri, Amadi State Deputy Governor Manase Doboyi Agoli said that they arrested youth from Kotobi and Mundri Counties respectively.

He said since this month started, there have been numerous cases of aggressiveness and hostilities across the State.

“Since this month (December) begun, some groups of youth just emerged from nowhere and as a result, they are disturbing, robbing and people. They’re also looting people’s phones and other properties at night,” he explained.

“On 10th, the police managed to arrest some youth who are suspected to have been behind all these criminal activities in the State,” Agoli stated.

He revealed that the 16 youth were now being kept under police custody in Mundri for further investigations.

According to the Deputy Governor, if they are found guilty then they will be punished for their wrong doing.

“The other information we are getting on the ground is that the group has their boss here in Mundri. So we are doing everything possible to make sure their boss is apprehended,” Agoli said.

The Deputy Governor urged youth to stop involving themselves in such criminal activities, adding that it was time for peace and things like robbery were supposed to be  stopped.

He revealed that the state government was doing its best to make sure that Christmas and New Year were celebrated peacefully.

“This year we want to make sure and see that our people in the state celebrate Christmas and New Year in peaceful environment,” Agoli stressed.

Agoli encouraged the resident of both Kotobi and Mundri towns to remain calm and report any possible criminal activities to the State authorities so that they can be dealt with by the state government.

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