About 10,000 homeless children in Juba

B:y Opio Jackson

Jubek State Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare Rose Lisok Paulino said there were about 10,000 homeless children living Juba.

She said the assessment was carried by the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) years ago, adding that this number might be more by this time.

“The number was more than this because the survey was conducted in Juba, Kator, Malakia market and Kubri Abuba,” Ms. Lisok said.

She was responding to the questions and answers following her summon by the Jubek State legislative assembly on Tuesday.

Ms. Lisok told the August house that those homeless children living on the streets of Juba and market places were mainly from Kapoeta, Aweil and Jonglei States.

“According to the interview conducted with the children in 2018, we discovered that they were on the street due the economic crisis, social issues and the insecurity in some parts of the country,” she explained.

“This issue is not only for Jubek State, it is a national issue and since we are sharing Jubek State with the national government this is a shared responsibility,” she said.

Ms. Lisok added that her ministry and the national counterpart had been collaborating to address the juvenile delinquency and abandoned children in Juba.

“The issue of street children is a big issue that needs all of us to put our efforts together for the future of these children,” she said.

The minister Lisok stressed that cases of street children is very common even in the stable counties, “The one in South Sudan is more due to the conflict and economic crisis.”

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