Abolish corporal punishment in schools

By Mabor Riak

Lakes State Education authorities have called on the National Ministry of General Education and Instructions to issue a rule to abolish corporal punishment being practiced by some schools in the country. 

Speaking during the closing remarks of the workshop organized by Save the Children on convention on the rights of the children in Rumbek, the Director General of the state Ministry of Education, Alfred Agolder Mathok said the issue of children rights is not a concern of the Save Children but it is a concern of the Ministry of Education.

Director Agolder said the Ministry of Education should be mindful about issues of corporal punishment which is still going on in the schools.

“With all these recommendations, it is our role as the government and civil society organizations to contextualize them in our own way. Some of us are teachers and others are educated class who are responsible, so it is our role to make sure that all these recommendation are implemented,” he said.

 John Makoi Marial, a participant said it was grateful to acquire knowledge about the rights of the child.

 “Also we call upon the government to support the child rights in the country, there is nothing we can miss that needs someone to identify for us but it is us all to identify our own issues,” said Marial.

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