Abnormal Prices of Charcoal and water

People may be surprised why I have chosen only water and charcoal among many items in the markets which the prices are too expensive. The reason is that the two selected items according to me are the most essential items in the family, without which it is difficult for people in the house to run day to day activity.

Currently the prices of charcoal and water have increased abnormally, but people are still buying them, because they know without them they would no start any activity in the house. However, citizens have complained several times about the economic situation in the country, but nobody from the concerned authorities has taken a step on how to control prices of items in the market. In any corner of Juba city, people are talking on increment of items in the market since the economic crisis started in the country.

Last month a sack of charcoal was SSP 800; these days it increased to more than SSP 2000.  Sometimes is not available in the market yet majority of the people are using charcoal or firewood for cooking.

If a woman wants to start cooking or do anything in the kitchen, the first thing she has to think of is to make sure that there is some water and charcoal.

The price of charcoal is increasing is if it is being exported from abroad, while we have our natural resources within the country.

One day a certain woman told me, now the price of charcoal is increasing daily, people should use firewood for cooking. Is there firewood available in the market as it used to be in those years? Since the places people used to get firewood from are now residential areas. If you want firewood, you should go far away which people fear because of insecurity in the country.

Gas could be another alternative for cooking but some people cannot afford it due to its cost, those who are capable can buy and use it for cooking instead of using charcoal or firewood?  Never the less, I made survey in few areas within Juba city to find out the cost of a barrel of water. I found that a barrel of clean water nowadays is SSP100 in Kator, Tongping, Munuki, and Nyakuron residential areas. In Gudele West is SSP150, in Gudele two is SSP 120 sometimes SSP 130.

If you analyze the prices of water in the above mentioned areas, there is no justice. You cannot buy a barrel of water for example in Munuki with the same price in Kator residential area which is near the river. Last year the government authorities fixed prices of water according to the areas, but they failed to control it. That means the water tank sellers control the prices of water in Juba city.

This indicates that the authorities concerned are not doing their work as expected. In addition to that they are not caring about the situation of people in the country in terms of rendering good services. For how long will citizens continue with such kind condition? What could be plan B of Juba City Council in terms of prices of items in the market?  Otherwise, the situation will continue worsening.

By Anna Nimiriano




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