Abducted child reunited with the family

By Gilo Jr. Okwata

The Police commander Brigadier Gen. Gum Gordon has finally reunited the two-year-old Wani James with his mother in Gumbo- Shirkat police station.

The two year old boy got lost from his family from Lologo residential area over the weekend and later the child was found in Shirkat and then taken to the police station.

Shijarina Nyandit, the mother of the child has been looking for her child for almost four days and later with the help of the police she managed to find her child.

However Brigadier Gen. Gum said that while the mother was tracing for the child, the police together with other officials from the office of gender and social welfare of the former Rejaf County where also looking for the mother to give her back her child.

Four days ago, the child disappeared from home when Wani Okenyi Obire the main suspect in the case allegedly stole a child from their home after his mother had gone to fetch water at nearby water point.

Brigadier General Gum Gordon, the commander of Gumbo-Shirkat police Eastern Division said that the police and Office of Gender and Social Welfare in Rejaf formed a team to look for the mother of the child around Lologo Residential Area.

“We formed a team which comprised of police officers and people from Gender and social Welfare to go and search for the mother in Malakia and Lologo area. Today in the morning, we found the mother.

I think she got the information that there is government agency looking for you because of the child who is in Gumbo-Shirkat police custody. Then she came and now she is with Gender and Social Welfare officials,” Gordon said.

Meanwhile, the Director for Gender and Social Welfare in the former Rejaf County, Manasseh Nasona Yugu stated that their office in collaboration with the police were finally happy to reunite the child with his mother.

“We have been working for the last four days to trace the mother. We are so happy that we are able to find the real mother of the child. We know that this is his real mother. As you can see the child is so comfortable and happy to be reunited with his mother,” he said.

He added that the Directorate of Gender and Social Welfare in the Rejaf Payam had some arrangements to take the family back to Kasire where their home is located.

“We took the child to Al Shaba Children Hospital for checkup. He is in good condition as you can see. We are now doing some arrangements to take them back to their place of living which is in Kasire, Lologo Residential,” Nasona said.

Violence against children has become rampant in recent months, early this month, three siblings were gruesomely slaughtered. Days later, another child was raped by her uncle.

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