Abdelbagi to boost security

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Vice President for Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol has promised to boost security and stability in the states which may help in boosting the delivery of essential basic services among the communities beyond the spheres of the other states across the country.

On Monday, Vice President Hussein Abdelbagi Akol visited Warrap State capital Kuajok where all civil society organizations, chiefs, students and intellectuals converged in Kuajok Freedom Square to receive the Vice President and attend the rally for peace and reconciliation at the helm of New Year’s celebrations.

“The main task in the presidency is to support H.E. Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit, the peace-loving president in this country and the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity,” Akol said.

Meanwhile, Bona Panek Biar, governor of Warrap State said the great deal of insecurity whose solution rests on disarmament of youth across the state.

He added that he has the desire to help in the full renovation and completion of the designated Kuajok teaching hospital which was supported by Unity Support Fund (USF) during the interim period between 2005-2011.

The availability of small arms and light weapons among the civilians might not be the sole cause of insecurity in the country, but it has certainly exacerbated the violence. In light of the unstable security, the situation is also as a result of the inefficiency of law enforcement institutions where many people feel there is need to rely on individuals for defense and protection of their property.

In some states, pastoralist communities use traditional weapons to defend their livestock from wild animals and rival groups, which may also involve armed confrontations but causing minimal casualties compared to today.

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