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Abandoning kids on rise in Munuki

Capt. Betty MelingApollo(L) and Gender Desk Officer(R)at Munuki Police station (photo by Merio Jimmy)

By Merio Jimmy

Cases of abandonedchildren are on the rise within Munuki residential areas, says Capt. Betty Meling Apollo, a Child Desk officer at Munuki police station.

Capt. Melingsaid within December,two children have so far been brought to Munuki police station as their mothers abandoned them.

She explained that the first infant was brought to themby a well-wisher.

“The child was found at around Mia Saba and Referendum road in the bush covered with a baby towel according to the woman who brought the child to Munuki police station,”she said.

“The girl is about one month old;the infant wascollected at around 9 o’clock pm on the roadside by a certain woman who was returning home from Mia Saba Market.The woman heard the infant screaming in the bush while she was returning home.”

The police said the woman went and picked the child then later reported itto Munuki Police station.

The police officer said the child is in good condition although she was having some fever but he has now recovered after receiving treatment at Al SabahChildren Hospital.

Munuki police station also reported similar case where a certain woman abandoned hertwo months’ old babywith her husband and went for good.

However, the aunt of the baby girl allegedly informed the police over the phone that her sister had decided to abandon the child due to her husband’s bad characters.

She claimed that the man has not been supporting her sister since they got married.

Brig. Zacharia Michael Tabanof Munuki Police station advised all parents to try to settle deputes peacefully and not to abandon children over minor issues.

He confirmed that currently thepolice Gender Desk is trying to care forthe two children amidst many challenges. He said one child is eleven years and the other is eight years old

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