When the current leadership of Juba City Council took over the office every resident had a breather. They show salvation in the name of improved service delivery. Indeed their predictions were followed with promises and council announcements of their intended programmes to meet the residents’ expectations. Media outlets were awash with promises of effective services to be provided by the council. This has not been the case almost five months down the line. Even the shouting and promises have systematically died and remained dodo. It could have been appreciated if City Hall was silent but something was being seen to be done for the benefit of the residents who are themselves tax payers to the council. Name it; garbage heaps still an eyesore in most parts of the city and its suburbs. Drainage system with the current rain seems all gone dead. People have to accept their fate of wading throw rain water because of poor drainage system if any. Stray dogs are everywhere even domestic animals compete with human being for available spaces in the Capital City. In short the capital city which should be a role model in giving positive image is seemingly not take its lead as would be the case. City Hall fathers should come out and tell residents what has gone wrong or why expected services were not being provided as they had promised when taking over the office. The city fathers should remain well aware that they are accountable to tax-payers and the country as whole because Juba is the lifeline centre of the country which also houses major government institutions, international communities and major private sector operatives. It cannot be taken for granted since the image of the country solely depends on its outlook. IT should also be the duty of the residents to draw the council’s attention to reach the more needy cases if and when necessary. The council officers should not just be let roam collecting “taxes” from small scale traders who are struggling to make ends meet.

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