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A teenager committed suicide in Lakes State

By Mabor Riak

Authorities in Rumbek East County confirmed that a girl of 16 years committed suicide by hanging herself on the top of the tree on Monday.

Makuac Mading, one of the close relatives said that the cause of committing suicide was not known and the investigation process by the police was ongoing.

“We have no details about the cause of committing suicide but Police have made some investigation into the matter and will be the right person to provide details of her suicide. We are now mourning for her death,” Mading said.

Meanwhile, Community Empowerment for Progress Organizations (CEPO) Coordinator Daniel Laat Kon said there was no note that was found in a place where she committed suicide but a similar report indicated that people gossiped about her.

“ The late has mentioned about three people in her written note who used to gossip and they always look after her wherever she goes and these three people whom she accused of disturbing her are detained including her suspected boyfriend by the police.   the girl didn’t mention about any pregnancy but she mentioned about being always disturbed and accused of going to visit her boyfriend and this is according to the note being found there and she has mentioned that she doesn’t want to live again but she wanted to end her life and these are the only information found from her note,”

He added that three people that she named on her note were apprehended yesterday by the police and they were taken to Rumbek East county headquarters in Aduel.

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