We have been talking about corruption but few understand the meaning. Simple definition is “lack of integrity or honesty, especially susceptibility to bribery or use of position of trust for dishonest gain”. When one, Edmund Yakani re-visited the root cause of the 2015 and up to now crisis, he laid it on the table that the conflict that occurred during that period was the major cause of this country’s problems. He quoted some quotes and we believe some of them to the latter. We were discussing this issue with colleagues and our common friend SaTP. The issue is what should be done to save the country from the continuous skirmishes and inter-clan wrangling. Time had come for all to live in peace and harmonize the National Dialogue just for that cause. We did not know how many out there were genuinely for the dialogue and who were wolfs in sheep skins. This we understand cannot escape any crowd. Not all who are smiling and showing white teeth are really laughing with you. Time had shown that many are with crocodile tears but in real sense will stab you at the back when you least expect. This and other thoughts were running in our minds that we sympathized with the man in control of the country who was faced with all sorts of situations including those charged with public institutions who were taking their responsibilities to the opposite direction.  Even the recently initiated National Dialogue, some people had turned it to the expected milk cow before it took off the ground. These are the people who do not want to understand the cause of positive national agenda and will be opposed to anything that would be beneficial to the entire nation. To me, SaTP and our colleagues, we thought it wise to contribute positively to the peace process through National Dialogue without an iota of suspicion or negative stand. We thought is wise to have a one country of a one people who are always brothers and sisters and this can only be achieved by the positive progress of the peace implementation. For Edmund Yakani in our midst, the journey has just started to bring the truth out and call a spade a spade, not a big spoon.

Topical Commentary With Odongo Odoyo

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