The possibility of economic crisis may be very severe if the Port of Sudan remains shut down due to the internal leadership squabbles following the attempted coup. Although repulsed, there are mopping up which are going on and the effect of the exercise will fall heavy since the country’s almost 90 percent revenue is coming through oil which must go past the port to the international market. The shut-down means there will be no oil being exported to generate revenue for the much needed development and structural adjustment of expenditures. That is why peace in the region is paramount to the economic development and what affect neighbourhoods equally affect the country.It is coming out that other means of survivals must be mooted more so in the agricultural sector and boosting the non-oil revenue generating activities that could be handy in such situation. The shut-down of Sudan Port should be an indicator of looking for alternative outlets instead of depending on one line. There must be other possible ways that could be used to address the situation before it goes out of hand. The technocrats in both the government and private sectors should beable to come up with proper plan for fall back if indeed they had not thought of doing so. As the scenario unfolds, there should be that brotherly concern that peace would come into that country and order taken to normalize the situation so that the port could start operating again. Indeed, last week’s council of ministers’ deliberations under the chairmanship of President Salva Kiir Mayardit, the matter was touched deeply and relevant ministries directed to get in contact with the Sudanese government so that the matter was handled and solved. Hopefully, they must be doing something towards that direction. The fact remains that for now and without possible alternative, they must work round the clock to ensure the stability of the flow of the oil in the international market within the required timeframe and make their positive consultations public where necessary. It would help in settling mounting fear of yet another economic slump after being hit by the emergence of coronavirus worldwide. The best that can happen now is the resumption of operations at the Sudan Port.

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