Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo   

News that opposition initially opposed to some parts of the peace agreement had changed their hearts and minds and were now going to pen their signature to the document, was something worth celebrating because they had come to the reality that only peace and only peace could bring stability and prosperity in the country. They had come to their senses that only doing so was the open way to salvaging the present situation, which has been an eyesore far this long. Reaching this far has been the collective efforts of leaders who have had the feeling on the ground of the people and have been criss-crossing the border throughout in search of this. It was news worth listening to and all eyes were focused towards Khartoum for the final whistle to be blown. The long awaited hope was knocking at the door asking the citizens of this country to welcome it home. Once again it was asking to be welcomed with trust, honest and open minds. The struggle to reach this far during the five-year period of conflict has been really taxing not only to the leadership, but also to the general populace who have faced the cruel reality of starvation, hunger and pain of being displaced from what they have always known as home. It is time to take stock and start preparing to welcome the achievement already made during this grueling five years search amidst tense and unpredictable conditions. There is need to be realistic in all endeavors that are undertaken to stabilize the country not forgetting even for a minute that the struggle is for the common-man. With reports that the Horn of Africa or IGAD member states have sounded a warning of impending disaster in the name of flood in most parts of the region. There should be care to put in place control measures to safeguard and ensure the safety of the general public in all expected flood areas. Disturbing reports that more than 18 people have been confirmed dead by the local administration due to heavy rains, which caused flood in the area of Kapoeta, should be avoided by taking appropriate measures. The dead just like the living would have liked to join their fellow-countrymen and women in peace restoration and to start a new life together. The metrological department of the region has already sounded the warning of the impending rains. We should ask ourselves how well prepared we are to save the situation. It beats all logic why people charged with such important responsibilities wait until a disaster occurs. It is not proper to overload the appointing authority with such undertakings because if it were to be so the authority could not have people responsible for public institutions to provide the necessary service delivery. A similar occurrence at this time when all hopes and expectations are only for one thing. Peace for all. Nothing above this should distract the country’s attention. There could be cases created or self made that are aimed at confusing the on-going exercise for peace restoration which should be the only ingredients in the listed menu for the country at this time of need and expectation.




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