A refugeeopens cattle camp in Uganda

By Gaaniko Samson

A 76-year-old South Sudanese refugee, John JohKuri, has opened a cattle camp in Uganda Rhino refugee camp.

Joh, who comes from Wangula in JongleiState, Twich East County fled to Uganda in 1996 due to conflict in the country and settled in Imvepi refugeecamp.

He said in 1996,life in Imvepirefugee camp was better becauseWorld Food Program (WFP) was providing sufficient food supplies to the refugees.

He added that the livelihood of refugees was better compared to today saying they could cultivateand get enough produce which made him to buy the cattle he is now keeping.

“People like me with special need could not have ability to go back to my own country, that’s why I remained upto now,” he recalled.

He said since most of the NGOs withdrew their support, life became hard for themforcing themto be transferred to Rhino refugeecamp in 2010.

He said keeping cattle helps support his large family.

“I normally sell my milk and part of my cattle to buy what I am not having then I wait for the UN food ratio which has even been reduced,” he said.

John added that, the plots allocated to them in the settlement is insufficient for them to farm, graze and build houses.

He said none of his children are working since he lacked support for them to go for further studies.

John said he has a child with special need that needs help from the implementing partners to help him cater for the needy child.

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