A personal experience with Anna Nimiriano

By David Gaaniko

It would be a great surprise to many to see that Anna Nimiriano has featured among the greatest leaders in the world. Some may start wondering what she did to achieve that status.

I came to know Anna in 2013 when I joined Juba Monitor newspaper, by then Anna was an Editorial Secretary. The security situation in Juba was not normal at that time because the country was at war and media houses did not enjoy much freedom.

I witnessed some of the challenges the newspaper was facing and Anna took it up on herself to address them despite being a woman. Anna was always there to rescue her colleagues whenever they were in problems.

As a chief designer at that time, we normally finished our work late at night some time at pm or 11 pm most of the staff was leaving around 6 to 7 pm and it was not safe to travel home at that time.

Dispute the fact that she was an Editorial Secretary who was supposed to leave together with some editorial team members at 6 pm, she would prefer to stay behind to make sure that everybody arrived home safely before she is dropped at her residence lastly.

Dispute all these challenges, Anna was always smiling, sometimes I used to asked myself about her native village because in South Sudan everybody is very rough with each other we have this culture of Eye to Eye ( you slap me I slap you).

For Anna it is a different story, I witness many cases where somebody even insulted Anna and she ignored him because she does not believe in revenge, that’s one thing I learned from Anna.

Some people may start wondering how she was selected to be ranked among the greatest leaders in the world, how was the survey conducted and so on.

But for those of us who know Anna for some time now, we can deny claims that she is a very tough woman, she gives tough commands.

Anna is a very simple woman who only believes in her work, she treats her employer with respect in regard to who you are, she spends most of her time in the office, she doesn’t have vacation or even time for her family and ready to give help when needed.

I back way back in 2015 when I boarded a taxi from Gudele (2) to come to the office and upon reaching Gudele (1) some people just surrounded the car before I saw a Land Cruiser vehicle full of solders.

They grabbed me at gun point, I did not know what was going on. They blind folded me to the Joint Operation Office in Gudel (1) only to find myself beaten and left for death.

They later released me without any charges. When I reached the office, everybody was surprised to see my clothes soaked in blood.

Anna took me to the hospital where I was admitted and monitored my progress until I was discharged.

My family only came to discover that Anna has taken care of everything. The incident happened on a Friday.

Anna left everything and took me to Muniki Police Station and from there we were referred to Gudele Police Station and we spent the whole day following up the case.

Another incident happened on our way home at round 7 pm at Kololo round about where unidentified armed man stopped us at gun point and Anna took it upon herself to calm them down in a very polite way.

Being a great leader is not about how much money you have in your accounts, how many V8 vehicles you park at your home, or the number of people you are governing, it’s about being simple, caring, patient, and humble and focusing on your work.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Anna Nimiriano Nunu for her great work and encourage her to continue being an example to other women across the country.

I also tell my fellow South Sudanese to stop violence against one other and let us leave in peace and harmony, violence does not take you anywhere.

Gaaniko is a former designer at Juba Monitor.


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