A new era for South Sudan

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity has brought South Sudan to a new dawn. There were a lot of congratulatory messages in the media. Ministers and their deputies are busy assuming new offices and receiving new faces in the ministries. The offices are decorated with flowers of different colors. On the other hand, some people are not satisfied with the new Ministers, especially those holding key Ministries. However, hard work is all that is required of them all. I hope they are not there by mistake; all of them have made tremendous contributions to their parties, which earned them recognition to be appointed in the new cabinet.

It is time for hard work; those who assumed offices can start work immediately with what they had found available in the offices, while planning for new items to be availed. If you waste time, three months can go without doing anything in the office.  Don’t think of having everything new or painting all offices with new colors.   Other things you can do while sitting in the office.  Development is not done in one day, it is a process.

I know there might have been some challenges you may get on your desks, try to handle them with wisdom in a peaceful manner. Ask the staff in the office to help you in planning of what you think can develop the ministry. Don’t plan alone as if you know everything. Even if you were a Minister before, the current ministry you are heading has different challenges, if you cooperate and show love to the staff, everything would run smoothly. For the Minister of Finance, give priority to the salaries of the workers. The issue of delaying salaries for some months should be improved by you. Paying workers in time would help them to do work as expected. They will keep time and perform well in all ministries. Several government employees are doing small businesses in the markets to improve their economic conditions. It is because they are not getting salaries in time.

Service delivery should not remain in Juba; let it be extended to the rural areas. Many states have no good schools, health centers and others, due to severe conflict in the country. They are the most affected people during the war periods. They need services to improve their economic status in the respective places.

For those who are working in the Ministries, should welcome the new ministers. Work hand in hand with them for the progress of this country.

May God bless us all.

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