A new airline flying Juba-Nairobi route launched.

By Chany Ninrew

Christmas and New Year’s festivities are just around the corner, and after some hectic months of staying at home caused by the pandemic, there are some good news for us now.

Aviation industries are bouncing back with the easing of movement restrictions throughout East Africa and South Sudanese can now enjoy a new, innovative and unhindered means of air travel.

If you ever plan to travel for a business trip within the region, or to prey your eyes upon the beautiful natural sites of East Africa that you have probably been dying to visit during the dull months of lockdown, if you want to take your family and loved ones for Christmas holidays, a newly launched airline maybe your best choice.

African Express Airways has started flying from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport of Kenya to Juba International Airport this month. The flight schedule between the two countries is twice a week, and one way trip to Nairobi costs only 310 US dollars whereas a two-way trip to and from Nairobi will cost you a minimum of 580 US dollars in US.

Juma Logor, who is a staff member of the airline, said their company has been flying to Juba-Nairobi through charter planes. Currently, the airline has a fleet of regional jets that operate from Nairobi such as MD-150 seater jet plane, DC9- 100 seater plane and the CRJ-50 seater.

“A good reason why we are our customers’ best choice of travel is because we offer one of the cheapest prices and timely flights from Juba to Nairobi,” Juma said.

The company presents itself as an ideal source for business and leisure travelers within the region and internationally. It also offers the best value for money and experience to and from Juba, South Sudan.

You can reach out to African Express Airway through their South Sudan telephone line +211922229802 or +211912229802 to book a ticket from Juba to Nairobi and back to Juba. (See page 8)

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