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A motorist attempted to set fire on his bike

By Bida Elly David

Crowd gathered at shari Bateri bridge to witness a horrible accident however, the scene was interrupted when an injured motorist almost set fire on his broken bike.

This happened over the weekend around 7pm at Shari Bateri Bridge when two motorists were on high-speed coming from different directions, rammed into each other causing a deadly accident.

Speaking to Juba monitor on Saturday, Alfred John the motorist who almost set fire on his bike said, he took that decision to burn his bike because he could not be able to treat himself, feed his family and repair the broken bike at the same time. Main while his opponent took off before police recorded the account of what happened.

“I cannot leave since I have a family to feed and myself. How can I treat myself, repair this bike since I don’t have money to facilitate all these demands. I better burn it and die along’’. he said

Furthermore, he said that he took that drastic step as a sign of compensating losses that he may go through in the process of repairing the bike since his opponent fled.

Onlookers who assembled to witness the incident took off when they saw the motorist try to set fire on his bike in a desperate manner.

Peter Likambo, a resident near the bridge and an eyewitness during the accident said, the man whose bike incurred mechanical damages was under drug influence and aimed to do away with himself and the people who surrounded him after the accident.

“I was seated next to the shop when the accident happened. This man was drunk as he was accelerating his bike. He almost knocked a certain lady who operates a tea business here. He is drunk and wanted to die along with people”. Likambo said.

He further added that the other opponent’s bike was not in bad condition. He went peacefully after noticing that he was not guilty.

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